Yesterday the “Essaouira Wave Classic” event started with composing the five teams during the official opening ceremony in the “Le Taros” bar in Essaouira. The 5 local sailors drew their three other team members, who will compete in the event.

Zane Schweitzer, who will be in Team Nr. 4 writes on his blog: “The Morocco Wave Classic Invitational is definitely my highlight competition for the year because there is such a great group of not only awesome riders, but also good friends from around the world. Boujmaa has been one of my mentors along with Kai Katchadorian so I am stoked to be here in Boujmaas home country. Once we got off the airplane we got picked up from a friend of Boujmaa’s and he drove us three hours to the coast where all of other competitors were waiting for us to arrive. With no time wasted we all went out for a fun Surf session!”

The teams:

Team 1: Faycel Hmidi – Robin Goffinet – Camille Juban – Julien Taboulet

Team 2: Miloud Labda – Thomas Traversa – Jamie Hancock – Yann Sorlut

Team 3: Soufiane Sahli – Kai Katchadorian – Francisco Porcella – Nick Warmuth

Team 4: Abdelouahed Labda – Francisco Fonseca – Zane Schweitzer – JB Caste

Team 5: Fettah Lamara – Leo Ray – Boujmaa Guilloul – Graham Ezzy