A film crew from ESPN Latin America visited Sarah-Quita Offringa at home in Aruba in December. Sarah-Quita was one of three Aruban athletes that were chosen to tell their story and inspire others. Sarah-Quita: “For me it was a nice opportunity to talk about windsurfing, Aruba and women in windsurfing on such a big platform!”
With her 15 windsurfing world titles Sarah-Quita Offringa is a great ambassador for windsurfing and especially for women’s windsurfing. 
“Windsurfing is an incredible sport! It challenges me in many ways but it has mainly allowed me to experience great adventures and create beautiful memories, traveling the world and meeting inspiring people from all over. I enjoy all windsurfing disciplines because each of them has something special and makes for endless fun.
I push myself to get better, but that’s also because I’m also very inspired by the women I get to share my sessions with. At the moment we have an awesome group of women that are pushing hard in all disciplines and our level is better than ever. There are endless possibilities if we just keep supporting and respecting each other. Can’t wait to see how far we will all go! Happy women’s day. Let’s get it!” (Sarah-Quita Offringa)
Produced by ESPN Latin America