US windsurfer Alex Mertens and German Felix Volkhardt travelled to La Ventana in Baja California (Mexico) this winter. La Ventana is a little village, founded in the 40s, which has developed to a winter hideaway for water spots addicts. The consistent north wind (El Norte) usually blows from November until April and gets accelerated between the Baja peninsula and an off-shore island, called Isla Cerralvo. By the way, isla Cerralvo is for sale and costs US 20,000,000. Alex and Felix were not that lucky with the wind. However they enjoyed their time there. When the wind was on they pushed their skill level on the water, filmed, crashed and improved. On the no wind days they cruised with their mountain bikes through forests of huge Candelabra cacti, went for a snorkeling trip or explored La Ventana and the city of La Paz. We travelled to the village a few years ago, too and immediately felt the surfing style when strolling around. We really recommend to travel there once in a lifetime as it is a great and relaxed place. And the Mexican food is great, too by the way. By now Felix has returned to Germany and Alex has worked for a snow and ski event in Switzerland. It’s great to see young people following their personal dreams and creating creative videos.

“ESCAPE WITH ME TO MEXICO” with Alex Mertens & Felix Volkhardt