Henri Meijer (Hn3 Productions) produced a 18minutes video about Cape Town and its nearby spots. And it seems, he filmed windsurfing action from everybody, who visited Cape Town this year. Henri studied Media & Entertainment and wanted to combine a windsurfing trip with producing a video. Henri: “I thought why not combine that with the most beautiful sport/ lifestyle in one of the most beautiful places in the world?! I saved some money, bought a camera, booked a ticket and contacted a few pro windsurfers who were going there. And there you have it. A video about a beautiful place with awesome people, a great atmosphere and a huge diversity in culture and nature. And of course some of the best windsurfers in the world in super nice conditions! Thanks to everyone for two great months!”

Spots: Sunset Beach, Big Bay, Platboom, Witsands, Langebaan, Rietvlei, Cape Town City, Khayelitsha, Aquila Game Reserve, Cape Point
Riders: Ricardo Campello, Steven van Broeckhoven, Maarten van Ochten, Harry Volgezang, Davy Scheffers, Andy “Bubble” Chambers, Kevin Mevissen, Max Rowe, Andre Paskowski, Jonas Handekeyn, Nick de Wannemaeker, Kenneth Danilesen, Christopher Friees, Jamie Hancock, Andras Zan, Ivan Newmark, Olya Raskina, Fabian Weber, Bernd Flessner,…

EsCape from Hn3 Productions on Vimeo.