Balz Müller escaped the cold winter in Europe and travelled to the south of Spain to camp in warmer areas and enjoy the great winter conditions. His trip didn’t start as planned, as he broke his nose during a switch stance Shifty attempt at the beginning of the trip. He travelled back to Switzerland for a little rest but he was soon back on the water. 

He lived the European endless winter style and got joined by some of his windsurfing friends everynow and then, like Andi Lachauer, Yentel Caers or Loick Spicher. UK rider Nic Hibdige joined Balz for quite and wile and they met friends like Marc Pare in Costa Brava.

The action is rad: double Cheese Rolls, monster Shifties, Push loop Forwards, tweaked Push loops, Cheese Roll Vulcan. A great clip about a memorable trip!

There is no doubt that Balz is the most innovative windsurfer of modern funboard windsurfing right now. So many new move creations are his own inventions.


ES`CAmPING with Balz Müller & friends