Two days are left at the EFPT event is Russia and the praying for wind continues. Dieter van der Eyken sent us a little update directly from Russia.

Dieter van der Eyken

Dieter van der Eyken – Pic: EFPT


Words by Dieter

On day 3 there was a little bit of wind predicted making everybody move their gear  to the hotel side as the wind came from the other side than the days before and made us move the competition area. Everybody was ready for action but the wind wasn’t, it came really close as with a lot of pumping their could be land some moves but it wasn’t enough for competition even in the best trick format with 2 moves counting each way there still wasn’t enough wind to start. Although the competition was on hold till 8 p.m. not a single heat was started on the third day of the competition.


On day 4 there wasn’t any wind predicted and with a pretty good forcast for the last 2 days the organisation decided to go for a tow-in competition with 1000 euro price money for the top 3. Big surprise of the day was Rick Jendrusch who pulled off a perfect triple Funnell in his first run making him lead after round one followed closely by Tow-in master Julien Mas who couldn’t really complete his 3rd Funnell although he popped higher than Rick on his second Funnell but this was not enough to take the lead. Adam Sims took third with a nice Air Funnell Funnell Diablo.

Steven made an unusual start by crashing his first move but showed why he became world champion in 2011 and can handle the pressur by doing an amazing Air Funnel into Double Funnell in his 2nd run to take first place in front of Rick. In the second run everybody tried to go bigger to get into the top 5 which ended in some good crashes and some nice moves also. Mattia Fabrizi did a nice Culo but the biggest excitement came when Adam Sims who just dropped out of the top 3 went for a Spock Culo and almost landed it!!


Result Tow-In Competition:

  1. Steven van Broeckhoven
  2. Rick Jendrusch
  3. Julien Mas 



Tomorrow skippers is at 8.30 and forecast is giving some wind so hopefully we can get the single elimination finished and do the double on Saturday which has the best forecast!

Cheers Dieter




VIDEO from the Tow-In Action (Russian language)