Enes Yilmazer (Tur-2) from Turkey, Alacati, who lives part of the year in Texas, just released his new website. Enes, who had an excellent season so far in Slalom racing, finishing the Aruba event in 22nd and the event at his homespot in Alacati in 21st, promised to update continously from now on. Currently he sits in 24th position overall and one more event is to go. He is the top placed Turkish rider at the moment and with an age of 21 years only one of the best young upcoming sailors in the Slalom discipline on the PWA Worldtour.

Enes fights in 40ty knots at Costa Brava (Pic: PWA/ John Carter).

C7: Why did you decide to get a new website created?
Enes: As a professional windsurfer , its a great marketing tool for us to have a website that we can promote our sponsor and inform public about our results and career.

Check out the new website of Enes here


C7: How often can we expect updates?
Enes: I will probably do some updates couple times a month


C7: Are you satisfied with your 2011 season so far?
Enes: It  wasn’t a bad season but I am definetly not setisfied with my season so far. I had some injuries at winter and some bad races at couple events which lead to bit of low performance over my season.

The best performance of the 2011 season at his homepot Alacati (Pic: PWA/ John Carter).


C7: Will you compete at Sylt and do you have any specific goals for the season final?
Enes: I will be at Sylt, Westerland for sure. Now I am going back to Texas for my University and also for some slalom training before Sylt. I will try my best to be in top 20 at Sylt this time.


C7: Did the level arise on Slalom racing again in 2011?
Enes: Definitely! With new athletes coming in and high level of slalom , all riders are pushing each other for the highest level of racing, which makes it even more exciting.

Enes is always prepared (Pic: PWA/ John Carter).


C7: What do you miss to make it in the top of the Slalom fleet?
Enes: I think it´s a combination of couple stuff : some experience , a little bit more weight, I have 89 kg at the moment,  and with more focused racing  I can make it there.


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