Camille and and his brother Tom Juban came to Chicama, in the Peruvian desert to beat the Guinness World Record for longest wave ever windsurfed. The Peruvian village of Chicama is located halfway between Lima and the border of Ecuador. It is considered one of the longest waves in the world and in theory, surfers can ride a wave for 2.5 miles (4 kilometers). Camille Juban’s new windsurfing record has already been certified and confirmed by the Guinness World of Records.

In this fourth episode Camille and Tom Juban are awaiting a swell in Peru that might let them ride the longest wave ever. The swell is on its way but Chicama is still flat so the boys do a bit of skating then head to the town of Huanchaco to try out the ancient surfboards called caballitos. These watercraft made from reeds are believed to be the first surfboards ever invented and, unsurprisingly, they are really hard to ride.