Spanish windsurfer and professional judge Emilio Galindo spent two days in Portugal and scored great wave conditions, windsurfing on 4.2m and 4.7m. Rafa from BizarrosChannel captured the action from land and from the air. It’s great drone footage. Emi produced some special angles holding the action cam with his mouth, inspired by surfer Jamie O’Brien;-).

“Just uploaded a new video from the past week. It was kind of an “escape” to Portugal and it was so enjoyable… The two days were so nice… 🙂 Now I’m going to Pozo for the forecast. Let’s see if those waves will appear there, too.” (Emilio Galindo about his two days trip to Portugal)

Emi Galindo in his wave windsurfing video “Two days in Portugal”

©Rafa/BizarrosChannel 2018