Iballa Moreno and Victor Fernandez won the 2016 El Medano Tenerife PWA World Cup 2016.


El Medano Tenerife PWA World Cup 2016 – Live Stream



El Medano Tenerife PWA World Cup 2016 – Result


1. Victor Fernandez
2. Marcilio Browne
3. Philip Köster
4. Alex Mussolini
5. Thomas Traversa
6. Robby Swift
7. Jaeger Stone
7. Daniel Bruch
9. Dieter van der Eyken
9. Aleix Sanllehy
9. Ricardo Campello
9. Adam Lewis
13. Omar Sanchez
13. Josep Pons
13. Leon Jamaer
13. Jules Denel
17. Klaas Voget
17. John Skye
17. Alessio Stillrich
17. Julian Salmonn
17. Moritz Mauch
17. Ben Proffitt
17. Antoine Martin
17. Loick Lesauvage
25. Morgan Noireaux
25. Marc Pare
25. Florian Jung
25. Camille Juban
25. Graham Ezzy
25. Eric Sanllehy
25. Julien Taboulet
25. Tim van dam Sanchidrian



1. Iballa Moreno
2. Daida Moreno
3. Steffi Wahl
4. Sarah-Quita Offringa
5. Amanda Beenen
6. Lina Erpenstein
7. Nicole Bandini
7. Alice Arutkin
9. Caterina Stenta
9. Sarah Hilder
9. Justyna Sniady
9. Greta Benvenuti
13. Serena Zoia
13. Caroline Weber
13. Maria Andres
13. Arrianne Aukes
17. Alexa Escherich
17. Birgit Rieger


7.8.2016 | Day 7
Siam Park Dunkerbeck Challenge took place in the evening. Adam Lewis won the event in front of Antoine Martin, Dieter van der Eyken and Ricardo Campello.

6.8.2016 | Day 6
Lay day

5.8.2016 | Day 5
Iballa Moreno and Victor Fernandez won the 2016 El Medano Tenerife PWA World Cup.

11.30 the conditions are building, the youth competition underway.

4.8.2016 | Day 4
It was a windy start with solid waves.  The plan is to continue at least to the heat 33 of women and men in the double elimination. 2 waves and 2 jumps counting, with 16 minutes long heats. Unfortunately the wind dropped around 14.30, when the tide came up.

11.30 – 12.30 Youth competition started
12.50 Ladies double elimination will be continued with heat 29b, Lina Erpenstein vs Greta Benvenuti, Lina advanced into the next round. Robby Swift defeats fellow country man Adam Lewis in a hard battle. Dany Bruch advances over Ricardo Campello. Philip Köster stopped Dieter van der Eyken with an incredible high score of 34.75 points out of 40. Jaeger Stone defeated Aleix Sanllehy with a great score of 32.51 points.
Amanda Beenen wins over Alice Arutkin.

14.43 – competition is on hold due to the light wind and high tide

15.20 – restart of the double elimination, Erpenstein advances over Bandini

Philip Köster wins over Jaeger Stone with a new high score of the day, 35.08 points. It was an incredible show! Perfect stalled Doubles, textbook frontside wave 360s and clean Takas made the difference. Jaeger went big, landed good Double Forwards, too, but was missing 4.84 points.
Amanda Beenen defeated 19 year old Lina Erpenstein.

Philip Köster defeated Robby Swift with a new high score of 37.38 points. Robby had a great heat, too and earned 34.0 points. Both showed Push Loop Forwards.

Sarah-Quita Offringa defeats Amanda Beenen by almost 8 points. Philip Köster advances over Thomas Traversa with another high score of 33.26 points.

17.46 – 18.40: Philip, who was on great form on day 4, continued his run and won over local Alex Mussolini, but then lost to Victor Fernandez, who will sail in he men’s final against event leader Marcilio Browne. Philip suffered cramps during the heat against Victor and his heat score was far from what he had in all other 5 heats, what was a competition time of 80 minutes already. Victor collected a lot of points (33.01) against Philip and won by 9 points difference. In the ladies fleet Daida Ruano Moreno had a good comeback and defeated Sarah-Quita Offringa and Steffi Wahl. She will face her twin sister Iballa in the final during the next days.

Double elimination men ladder Tenerife day4 (Source: PWA World Tour)

Double elimination men ladder Tenerife day4 (Source: PWA World Tour)

Double elimination women ladder Tenerife day4 (Source: PWA World Tour)

Double elimination women ladder Tenerife day4 (Source: PWA World Tour)

Results youth competition:

Under 12 years (3 participants)
1. Jonas David
2. Liam Dunkerbeck
3. Maria Morales

13 -15 years (7 participants)
1. Marino Gil
2. Valentino Pasquale
3. Mike Friedl
4. Laurin Schmuth

16-18 years (8 participants)
1. Loick Lesauvage
2. Noah Vocker-Roche
3. Alex Grand-Guillot
4. Tim van Dam Sanchidrian
5. Nicole Bandini

3.8.2016 | Day 3
12:30 – 13.38 Youth competition started
13:48 Men Double Elimination started
18:16 end of competition on day 3

Conditions are looking good. Solid wind and decent waves from time to time allows the PWA to run the double elimination of the men. 9 men heats got completed. Have a look on the ladder below, who are the remaining top 12 men in the double. Dieter van der Eyken was the sensation of day 3 winning three heats in a row against Morgan Noireaux, Moritz Mauch and Jules Denel. He now will face three times World Champion and team mate Philip Köster. Spaniard Aleix Sanllehy won two heats and climbed up the ladder. A great comeback after a disappointing result in Gran Canaria in July. He will have Jaeger Stone in his next heat. Local and event co-organizer Dany Bruch defeated German Leon Jamaer in a really tight heat. Dany will sail against a “hungry” Ricardo Campello. Adam Lewis, as well a Cabezo local, sailed very strong and won against Ben Proffitt and Josep Pons making it into the top 12 riders. He will have Robby Swift in his next heat. In total 11 or 12 heats need to be sailed to complete the double elimination of the men.

In the ladies double elimination 6 heats got completed. French Alice Arutkin had a great day. She showed excellent wave sailing and defeated Birgit Rieger, Arrianne Aukes and Caterina Stenta. She is back in the game for a top result at Cabezo. Young Italian Nicole Bandini as well won three heats in a row against Alexa Escherich, Serena Zoia and Justyna Sniady. We would say it’s her competition highlight. If you don’t know much about her, read our latest interview here. Amanda Beenen as well advanced to the top 8 sailors in the double. 

2.8.2016 | Day 2
The PWA crew continues with the men’s single elimination in good waves conditions. Thomas Traversa, Marcilio Browne, Alex Mussolini and Victor Fernandez qualified for the top 4. TT defeated Jaeger Stone, Brawzinho defeated Philip Köster, Alex Mussolini defeated Ricardo Campello and Victor Fernandez defeated Robby Swift. In the ladies fleet Iballa Ruano Moreno defeated Sarah-Quita Offringa and German Steffi Wahl Pozo winner Daida Ruano Moreno. That’s a big surprise! Iballa Ruano Moreno and Steffi Wahl will face each other in the final of the single elimination. Men’s semi finals are sailing at the moment. Brawzinho defeated Thomas Traversa in a tight battle and makes it to the winners final at El Cabezo. Victor Fernandez defeated Alex Mussolini and made it into the winners final. Alex Mussolini won the small final against Thomas Traversa and made it into third place in the single elimination. Daida Moreno defeated Sarah-Quita Offringa in the battle for place 3. Her twin sister Iballa won the winners final and leads the ladies fleet after the single elimination. Marcilio Browne, the master of style from Brazil, defeated Victor Fernandez in a tight battle in the winners final. Braw landed a massive double Forward and really great wave riding. The difference in points were just 0.64 in the end. Congratulations to Iballa and Marcilio winning the single elimination. Men’s double will start immediately.

1.8.2016 | Day 1
On day 1 no time was wasted and after a quick registration the action began promptly at 1pm in chest-head high wave and enough wind for most of the sailors to be on 4.2m-4.7m sails. By the end of the first day the opening round of the men’s single elimination has been completed, while only the top 8 women are left standing.

Advancing from the trials were: Eric Sanllehy, Dieter van der Eyken, Loick Lesauvage and winning the losers round was Julien Taboulet.

Trials start at 13:00
Qualifying Round Heat 1: Ojeda vs Arutkin vs Taboulet vs Eric Sanllehy
Qualifying Round Heat 2: ten Hoeve vs Van der Eyken vs Rydberg vs Vocker
Qualifying Round Heat 3: Danielsen vs Ramirez vs Lesauvage vs Spencer