Italian Jacopo Testa wins also the 2nd EFPT tourstop. The Italian fended off Steven van Broeckhoven and went on to win the Double Elimination against Yentel Caers.

An action-packed Super Final ensued to determine the event win. To determine the event winner a 15 minute Super Final was now a reality. With Italian crowds lining the beach to cheer on their windsurfing hero, the green flag went up and the judges focused their binoculars. The action was very far out, with both riders pushing past the edges of the competition area to utilise every inch of wind available to them. Caers had assistance from fellow Belgian Steven van Broeckhoven who went out on another set of smaller gear in case conditions changed. Jacopo did not seem bothered and opened with a massive Bongka, while Yentel took a bit more time to get fired up but landed a Pasko and Double Culo soon after. Getting the right moves on port tack was the challenge for both riders, with Testa crashing three times on various moves. The standings were very close and it was only towards the very end that the current tour leader improved his starboard score enough to gain a 1 point lead. 

Jacopo Testa took the Super Final win and thus extended his European Championship title race lead. 

EFPT Vieste 2022 – Video Recap



Video produced by Freestyle Pro Tour / Aalvaa Media


EFPT Vieste 2022 – Final Result

1 Jacopo Testa
2 Yentel Caers
3 Steven Van Broeckhoven
4 Adrien Bosson
5 Dieter Van der Eyken
6 Antoine Albert
7 Sam Esteve
  Youp Schmit
9 Matteo Testa
  Michi Czech
  Bodhi Kempen
  Ilay Bamnolker
13 Felix Volkhardt
  Eugenio Marconi
  Tigo Kort
  Adam Sims
17 Tim Gerdes
  George Grisley
  Mathias Vingaard
  Piero Rautnik
  Alexandr Sorokin
  Raphael Bauer
  Primus Sörling
  Cesare Latino
25 Nascimo Fournier
  Aaron Smith