The 2015 EFPT final in France, the European Freestyle Expression (EFE) at Six Fours Le Plages (29.10. – 1.11.2015) saw beautiful calm weather during day 2 – the perfect conditions for a tow-in competition to impress the big audience at the beach of Six Fours les Plages. 14 riders signed up to stomp some big maneuvres at Brutal Beach and gave everyone an idea what’s possible in freestyle windsurfing nowadays.

Local Adrien Bosson won the competition, tour leader Amado Vrieswijk made it in second place and Antoine Albert finished in third place. The wind forecast for the upcoming weekend is great. Big wind up to 40 knots from eastern direction is forecasted for the weekend. We can expect crazy freestyle windsurfing action and at least a full double elimination at the final.

What’s the deal for the EFPT final? Amado Vrieswijk leads the rankings and will try to win the EFPT title for the first time in his career. His hardest opponents are Yentel Caers and local Adrien Bosson. Steven van Broeckhoven is one of the main contenders for the event victory at Six Fours les Plages. He is hungry and wants to be on top of the podium again.

Tow-In action from the EFE at Six Fours Le Plages