The Italian freestyle windsurfer Riccardo Marca reports for us from the EFPT Toro Andaluz 2017 which takes place in Tarifa at the moment.

Today was the first day of the event and around midday the thermal onshore wind got suitable enough to start with the first heats. Adrien Bosson managed to win the first single elimination in front of Jacopo Testa, Sam Esteve and Antoine Albert. Riccardo finished in 5th together with Giovanni Passani, Rick Jendrusch and Francecso Cappuzzo. Tomorrow the double elimination will start.


EFPT Toro Andaluz 2017 – Riccardo Marca reports

Today was the first day of the second stop of the European Freestyle Pro here in Tarifa, Spain. It’s been one year since my last time here and I almost forgot how much I like this place. The competition area was supposed to be in “Valdevaqueros”, but they had to move it to “Balneario”, which is the closest spot to the town. I guess more spectators will come during the weekend.
Today the wind direction was on-shore, it picked up around 12 and it kept on blowing during the whole afternoon. We managed to finish one single elimination but we didn’t have the time to start the double elimination. The wind forecast is pretty good for the next days though.

Event area - Pic: Riccardo Marca

Event area – Pic: Riccardo Marca

The conditions were not so easy as the wind was gusty and the choppy/wavy water conditions didn’t make it easier. I’m pretty happy about my first result as I finished 5th. But it’s no time to relax yet as it seems we will manage to complete 2 or even 3 double eliminations. On the first place of the podium is Adrien Bosson, Jacopo Testa on the 2nd place and Sam Esteve on the 3rd. Tomorrow the wind should kick in around lunch time and I hope the double will be started.

I’m staying in a flat pretty close to the city center of Tarifa together with Rick Jendrusch and Max Matissek. We’ve got a really nice view on the sea from our appartement. It’s nice to have a place where you can cook during events. I’m always trying to take care on my health and having good meals is one of the most important things for me. For tonight we don’t have big plans, the day was long and I’m pretty tired. So, I’ll go to bed early! Good night!


Riccardo Marca in action

Riccardo Marca in action (Pic: Alfonso Gamaza)

Event area - Pic: Riccardo Marca

Event area – Pic: Riccardo Marca

Tony Mottus & Riccardo Marca

Tony Mottus & Riccardo Marca

Tarifa - Pic: Riccardo Marca

Tarifa – Pic: Riccardo Marca

Result after 1st single elimination

1. Adrian Bosson
2. Jacopo Testa
3. Sam Esteve
4. Antoine Albert
5. Riccardo Marca
5. Giovanni Passani
5. Rick Jendrusch
5. Francesco Cappuzzo
9. Tonky Frans
9. Davy Scheffers
9. Johnny Yagen
9. Max Matissek
9. Eliram Levi
9. Eilon Wilson
9. Tony Mottus
9. Matteo Testa
17. Jose Pinyana