We have been working on a highlight clip to recap the EFPT Surf Worldcup Podersdorf in Austria. Steven van Broeckhoven managed to win all three competitions, the main event, the European Tow-In Championship and the Continentseven Best Trick Session. 



Surf Worldcup Podersdorf Highlight Video 2014

Produced by Continentseven
Camera: Josh Willmot, Chris Czadilek, Kerstin Reiger, Chris Pressler, Kirstin Tödtling
Edit: Josh Willmot
Comments: Phil Soltysiak, Adam Sims, Tom Hartmann
Special Thanks to Manu Grafenauer for borrowing us his slow-motion camera for some shots!


The fifth day of the EPFT Surf Worldcup at Podersdorf at Lake Neusiedl saw finally windy conditions in the early morning hours and in the the late afternoon. During the morning the wind was light and definitely on the limit, but the windsurfers did their best and showed their freestyle skills in light wind. The best 3 tricks on each tack counted and we saw mostly Grubbies, Willy Skippers, Spocks, Switch Stance Chachos and Esliders. Already in these conditions Steven was sailing on another level. He was planing the most in the 11 to 14 knots wind conditions and was able to land double moves like Flaka Shakas or Puneta 900°, Culos on both tacks an much more. 14 heats got finished during the morning hours, before a heavy rain squall stopped the freestyle action for a few hours. 

Tonky Frans impressed with his easy going freestyle and had good drive, too. Davy Sheffers has done his homework during the winter months and landed a lot of slided moves in textbook style and made it into the top 4. The big surprise of the whole single elimination was Jacopo Testa, but we have had him on the radar for a few years. He is well known for his massive Air Kabikuchis and Air Skopus, but showed an excellent performance in very light conditions. He is a skinny rider and was able to nail a double Spock on the way out. 


After a midday break due to rainy cloudy conditions the single elimination got resumed due to the increasing NW wind around 5.15 pm. A bit of sunlight and finest wind conditions with gusts up to 20 knots made it possible to guarantee fair conditions for the semifinals. Just 4 riders were still in the competition and had the chance to win the single event. 


Steven and Davy showed a firework of moves, but Steven had the higher level and impressed with perfect landings. He made it straight into the final. Tonky defeated Italian Jacopo Testa and went to the final: Steven against Tonky. Number 6 Davy Scheffers and number 26 Jacopo Testa of the seeding list made it into the the semifinal. Jacopo, who travelled from Sardinia, Porto Pollo to Podersdorf, scored big and impressed every one. He won the losers final against Davy and made it on a EFPT podium for the first time in his career. It was a 5:0 decision.  In the winners final Steven continued with his powerful freestyle show and won against Tonky.

Congratulations to all riders, who made it possible to compete in so light conditions on such a high level. Big respect to everyone!

We enjoyed it to be all day on the beach following the action. Looks like Steven van Broeckhoven, the 2013 EFPT winner and number 3 in the PWA Worldtour ranking improved again during the winter months. It will be interesting to see, what will happen during the next events, when Gollito Estredo, Taty Frans, Antony Ruenes and current PWA Freestyle Worldchampion Kiri Thode will participate too.