After many years of absence, the EFPT returned to the beautiful island of Sardinia in Italy. 19 riders registered for the third tour stop of the EFPT and battle for 10.000 € during the upcoming days. On day 1 the wind picked up around midday and at 2.30 pm it was windy enought to kick off the comeptition.

EFPT Sardinia 2018 – Video Day 1

Just before the quarter final, the wind dropped again. The competitors were kept on stand-by until 8.00pm when race director Tom Hartmann called it a day. The wind forecast isn’t too promising for the remaining 4 days of the event, but there is a chance to get some wind tomorrow and to complete the single elimination. The riders will have an early skippers meeting. Our fingers are crossed.

Single Elimination Ladder

Single elimination ladder day1

Single elimination ladder day1