Dieter van der Eyken wins everything at the moment. The 2015 Freestyle World Champion is definitely no Tow-In specialist, but managed to land a great Skopu into Funnell in the final of the EFPT Tow-In competition at the DAM-X event at Brouwersdam.

We are happy to be in charge of the videos for the event and produced this clip about the Tow-In competition. Hope you like it and keep your fingers crossed for some wind in the upcoming two days.


Result EFPT 2015 DAM-X Tow-In

  1. Dieter van der Eyken
  2. Antoine Albert
  3. Adam Sims
  4. Nicolas Akgazciyan
  5. Julien Mas
  6. Steven van Broeckhoven
  7. Rick Jendrusch
  8. Davy Scheffers
  9. Adrien Bosson
  10. Hugo de Sousa