Day 1 of the EFPT DAM-X Event at Brouwersdam (Netherlands) is over. The riders got up really early and had breakfast around 7.30, but despite a good forecast it was not windy enough to start the competition. During the day the wind picked up and the race crew managed to finish the first round of the single elimination.

“It was a long day of waiting and a very entertaining tow-in free session around 1pm. Concerning the windsurfing action: when there are many guys on the water, it always looks like you can run heats, but when there are just 4 guys in a heat you notice how gusty and light the wind is. We tried a couple of times to run heats and completed 3 in total. Sadly it was not enough to complete more than three heats.” Thijs van der Meer (Judge)


We are at Brouwersdam, too and edited a little clip showing some of the action from day 1