Day 3 at Costa Brava saw another two rounds of freestyle tow-in action: the first one around 12.00 midday and the second one during sunset. The conditions were different. At midday a light Tramuntana breeze helped the riders to get more drive and lift during their crazy single and double rotations. In the evening a lot of choppy waves and a stronger onshore breeze made it difficult for the riders to land their moves.

Following riders made it to the final:

Adam Sims, Steven van Broeckhoven, Riccardo Marca, Mattia Fabrizi, Antoine Albert and Francesco Cappuzzo

Adam Sims and Alex Mertens created the video of the day and participated in the competition, too. Good job boys! It exactly shows what the sessions were about. The riders landed single and double moves and some attempts ended in big crashes. Alex Merstens, Tonky Frans and Valentin Böckler crashed really hard. Alex has soem minor injuries in his face and on his head, but nothing serious. Steven landed a smooth landed Air Funnell Burner and a Barracuda. Adam Sims landed a double Spock from day 2 and a Burner no handed. Both won their qualification heats with 16.38 points and 16.59 points in total. Congrats!


Costa Brava EFPT video tow-in freestyle action day 3 – video

Produced by Adam Sims & Alex Merstens, EFPT 2018
Adam Sims (by: EFPT)

Adam Sims has the highest score in the tow-in qualifying heats at Las Dunas, Fasewind, Costa Brava (by: EFPT)

Tow-in qualifying round 1 Costa Brava 2018

Tow-in qualifying round 2 Costa Brava 2018Tow-in qualifying round 1 Costa Brava 2018