The 7th stop of the European Freestyle Pro Tour started yesterday. For the first time the EFPT crew and riders headed to Costa Brava in Spain. Camping Las Dunas together with Fase Wind Center are the hosts of the event and are providing the perfect infrastructure for a windsurfing event.

The local crew and staff of Camping Las Dunas and Fase Wind Center were welcoming the EFPT riders and crew with an overwhelming amount of hospitality and everybody around seems to be very stoked to have an European Freestyle Pro Tour competition happening for the first time.

Despite a good forecast for thermic winds on the first day, it was cloudy from the morning hours on and prevented the winds from picking up properly. The conditions remained under the suitable windlevel for a freestyle competition. To entertain the spectators a Tow-in practice was scheduled for the afternoon.

Check out some of the highlights from the first day in Costa Brava

The event in Costa Brava is the penultimate event of the season and the title race is getting into its more serious phase. All the top riders are signed up to grab important ranking points before the tour moves to the final event in Brouwersdam, where the 2018 champion will be crowned.

Registered riders:

Loick Spicher
Valentin Böckler
Mattia Fabrizi
Adam Sims
Riccardo Marca
Alex Mertens
Francesco Cappuzzo
Julian Wiemar
Steven van Broeckhoven
Giovanni Passani
Antoine Albert
Tonky Frans