The 2018 EFPT Surf Worldcup started with wind. Nice sunny weather and proper wind conditions welcomed the 20 riders, who are fighting for 15.000 € price money in the freestyle windsurfing competition.

The competition got underway with the single elimination almost complete. Riccardo Marca, Giovanni Passani, Sam Esteve and Tonky Frans are left in the single elimination and will battle it out for those initial podium spots. What a nice start to the competition and the wind forecast looks promising for the remaining 4 days. The level of the top riders is incredible high and even in light wind conditions the show is on! We saw exciting heats and can expect a high class final for the top spot on the podium.

  • full report about day 1, EFPT Surf World Cup single elimination here


Impressions Day 1 – EFPT Surf World Cup Austria 2018


Official highlights video from the EFPT


Rankings after day 1:

Top 4: Sam Esteve, Tonky Frans, Riccardo Marco, Giovanni Passani 

5. Mattia Fabrizi, Max Matissek, Loick Spicher, Steven van Broeckhoven

9. Alex Mertens, Tim Ruyssenaars, Adam Sims, Julien Mas, Chris Sammer, Andi Lachauer, Valentin Böckler, Julian Wiemar

17. Max Brinnich, Lorenz Forstenlechner, Matthias Kraschitzer, Felix Volkhardt