Tonky Frans wins the Single Elimination of the EFPT Surf Worldcup in Austria in front of Giovanni Passani, Riccardo Marca and Sam Esteve.

The third day of the EFPT Surf Worldcup started with sunshine and light winds from the south. But the wind that was forecasted the strongest for around 14:00, slowly improved hour by hour and the horn for the semi final of the single elimination went off at 2.45 pm. The competition area was again set further upwind, because the wind gets more consistent the further you go upwind and the ramps are bigger. Close to the beach it is too gusty and the water much too choppy with an enormous backwash. Once again we were on the judge boat to capture some of the action. 

Today was the day of Tonky Frans. He showed all his moves with a lot of style and control. But also the Italian freestyler Giovanni Passani showed a strong performance in the final but was missing a move on port tack in the end.

The forecast for tomorrow looks great, so we will see a double elimination.

Impressions Single Elimination – EFPT Surf World Cup Austria 2018

Official highlights from day 3

1. Tonky Franas
2. Giovanni Passani
3. Riccardo Marca
4. Sam Esteve
5. Mattia Fabrizi, Max Matissek, Loick Spicher, Steven van Broeckhoven
9. Alex Mertens, Tim Ruyssenaars, Adam Sims, Julien Mas, Chris Sammer, Andi Lachauer, Valentin Böckler, Julian Wiemar
17. Max Brinnich, Lorenz Forstenlechner, Matthias Kraschitzer, Felix Volkhardt