It was the first time, that the EFPT crew and the top riders travelled to Eysk, Russia at the Sea of Azov to compete for 10.000 €. The competition went for 7 days and saw a lot of tow in competition and some wind in the end of the week. Steven van Broeckhoven won the event, Dieter van der Eyken made it in 2nd, Phil Soltysiak in 3rd and Adi Beholz in 4th.
The video crew produced an almost 34 minutes long clip and used a special slow motion camera to capture the event. This high end cam gives the movie a great look and a high quality in 1080p HD. It’s definitely worth to watch the movie about the event, which took place in May 20th to 25th, 2013.

The highlight movie of the EFPT Aquaketo Cup in Eysk, Russia in spring 2013