The European Funboard Expression event in South of France did not see too much wind this time, but enough to have results in the EFPKT class. 1 round of the EFPkT finals could be run for boys u15 and for girls also. Steven Max from Aruba was the winner in the boys category and Rolien Caers from Belgium in the girls category. Congrats!


The organiser decided to run several tow-in sessions. Looks like Julien Mas and Nicolas Akgazciyan were the top guys on the water. Watch the impressive video action and find out yourself, who is your favourite on the water. In the end of the clip you can watch a wild crash part.
And it seems like tow-in windsurfing gets more and popular as a discipline in windsurfing. The riders train and improve their level extremely much. Plus it definitely secures action at no wind events.


Towin EFE 2011 super session from julienvikteamcrew on Vimeo.