EBA… it´s the Sardinian word for WATER and the perfect title for this video. Three friends, Demetrio, Nadir e Dario travel along the shore in search of beaches, wind and the windsurfing lifestyle. A pinwheel, which everybody knows from his childhood, is their constant companion and guides them along the coast of Sardinia, Italy.
They travel clockwise around the island, but never in a hurry and always ready to sit back and relax at the bonfire, next to big windmills or just in the middle of Sardinian wilderness. Pure freedom.
You won’t find too much hardcore action during those 14 minutes, but a very atmospheric video about three passionate windsurfers.

Fabio Giagnoni invested a lot of time, passion and effort into this movie. But now, after several different versions and one year of post production work, you can finally enjoy the final cut.
Music: Gesuino Deiana, a talented musician from Olbia