“Dust and Dirt” is a short windsurfing movie filmed in Western Australia, produced by the Chook Journal. The two brothers Tom and Ollie Pidden put a lot of effort into filming and editing. They love to sail at Margaret River and express their passion for the sport in their film. The spot is kind of their home spot for a limited time in the year. Good job boys! Thumbs up!!

“Ollie and I had initially planned to return to Australia for 3 months this year to windsurf and work in Margs. It would have been our longest stay since we moved away as kids. Finn Mellon was going to join us and this movie was going to be the summary of those months traveling the coast. But plans changed in October due to a job opportunity and Finn made his own plans as ours became uncertain, leaving us with just 1 month to windsurf and make a movie with a point of differentiation from last years.
Coming towards the end of 2017 we wanted to revitalise our push on short movies in terms of quality and storytelling. We knew an equipment change would be needed to help make this happen, having previously used sub £100, second hand, mirrorless Nikons for all Chook Journal projects. So with a bit of money from recent jobs (and Toms lingering student overdraft), we went all out with a selection of new cameras and started planning our most ambitious video in terms of production yet. Still working with a video budget of £0 everything we wanted to do needed to be done using stuff we could find around the house.” (Tom Pidde)

Tom and Ollie Pidden in the short windsurfing movie “Dust and Dirt”, filmed in Western Australia, Margaret River

Filmed/Starred: Tom & Ollie Pidden