Lennart Brünig, Malte Hecht and Philipp Brons are three students from Kiel (Germany) and captured some nice moments while their latest freestyle sessions at the North Sea. Lennart edited their great footage and called the clip “Duck and play”: “For three years we were waiting for conditions like the ones we had in the last couple of weeks. Unexpectedly we scored some days, where we had strong winds and sunny weather at the same time. We are very happy to release this clip and hope you will enjoy it.”

It’s a great clip showing big freestyle action like Konos, Shaka combos, Skopus, Airfunnells, double Spocks, Culos, Burners and several really hard crashes. Enjoy the video “Duck and Play” and read our short interview with Lennart below to get more info about the making of the clip.


Lennart Brünig, Malte Hecht and Philipp Brons at the North Sea


Interview with producer Lennart Brünig

Continentseven: Great video Lennart, for how long did you work on it, including filming, editing etc.?

Lennart Brünig: Thank you. We had the plan to make a new Film about our Windsurfing- and Studylife here in Kiel for about two years. Unfortunately it was very difficult to score good weather and strong wind contitions at the same time. However last week the conditions turned out to be perfect so that we could get the footage, that we were waiting for so long.


Continentseven: The windsurfing level of you three is amazing. How old are you guys and what are you personal ambitions?

Lennart Brünig: We are all around 24 years old and are close to finish our bachelor, or finished it already. I think we all have the ambition to be well educated to receive a save job. At the same time we try to be on the water as much as possible to learn the latest moves.


Continentseven: Do you guys compete as well?

Lennart Brünig: Two of us compete in national competitions and scored some good results. But for bigger events like the EFPT or the PWA you have to do the whole tour and concentrate on windsurfing completely. I don’t think that this will pay off in the long term. Therefore we just enjoy the time on the water with our friends and do some video-projects time by time.


Continentseven: Do you have sponsors or supporters already?

Lennart Brünig: Malte and I are both supported with nice boards by Patrik Diethelm and fins from Maui Ultra Fins. In addition to that Malte works closely with Sailloft Hamburg. Philipp is a lightweight and needs smaller equipment than the series-boards, hence his sponsor Witchcraft Fuerteventura made him a very small custom Freestyler with only 80l and a length of only 213cm.


Continentseven: Looks like freestyle windsurfing is your main interest. Is freestyle windsurfing popular in Germany, especially up north around Kiel?

Lennart Brünig: Everywhere in Kiel you can see the VW T4 with surf or kite stickers on it. I guess there are more Surfers living in Kiel than in any other german city. Freestyle windsurfing is just a small part of this cake, but i hope this will stay like it is, because the spots are already getting quite crowded sometimes.


Continentseven: The spots in the video are looking amazing, dead flat and windy. Can you tell us , where you filmed the action?

Lennart Brünig: Hmmm… That’s right. This spot is perfect for Freestyle and Racing. We found it by searching through marine-maps. The only thing we can tell you is that the spot is not far away from the island Trischen. Everything else is up to you, go out and find it. But be aware of the tide, shallownesses and shifting sand…

(Editor’s note: Trischen is a remote sandy island in the opposite of Büsum, northern Germany. The island is uninhabited, just a lot of birds are living there during a certain period of the year.160 different species.  And there are living sea lions and little whales, the porpoise)


Continentseven: Any new projects planned, like Duck and Play 2?

Lennart Brünig: Maybe… But I think Kiri has to invent some new moves so we can push the action! 😀 I am planning a waterproof quadrokopter for a long time. My idea is to shoot frames in strong winds from a very close distance and an unique angle from above.


Continentseven: Thanks for the interview and we are looking forward to your next vid.

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