We got a nice attempt of a Double Wave 360, which would then be a Wave 720°, or is it a Double Mutant, which is also an invention by Mark Angulo. We were not sure, so we asked Mark Angulo himself to explain the difference betweeen a Wave 360° and a Mutant.  Thanks to our good friends at Maui Nerd Productions for sending the move.


Mark Angulo: “I think the first thing I need to clarify is the claim that this video tag makes that I am nailing double Mutants. This is not true. While I am trying double 360s, I haven’t been successful yet. The next thing is that a ” Mutant” is also a 360. A different, much more difficult variation of a 360. It came about as I was trying to do a 360, yet travel long distances over sections of the wave. In order to do that you have to stall the rotation for a second by looking up at the mast tip, which allows for a high speed, down the line, rotation. Therefore the term “Mutant”. I try not to get all technical about 360s, as to me, every one is a good one! Most of the time, the wave dictates the rotation, more than my efforts to manipulate it. The one in your video, I consider to be a 720 attempt. No need for a “Mutant” here. Just trying to get around twice.”