Carine Camboulive, Emmanuel Bouvet and their daughters Lou & Shadé are living in Maui and have been running a lily farm for 12 years, which allows them to have the financial possibilities to travel the world. They not only travel the world to ride waves, they want to meet other cultures and sensibilize the viewer for ecological problems. Their last trip brought them to remote islands in Western Africa, called Sao Tome and Principe. 

Sao Tome and Principe, a former Portuguese colony, are 2 small African islands looking for balance right on the Equator’s line. They are a surfer’s promise for how well exposed they are to south Atlantic swells. These islands are as small in size as their dream for the future is big. Indeed, the island of Principe is home to a unique experience in the field of sustainable development. From the discovery of an endemic surf culture and great waves to the inspiring work of environmentalists and local people, the adventurous family from Maui is taking us on a surf trip with a purpose. (Emmanuel Bouvet)

They didn’t bring their windsurf equipment this time, but had some nice surfing and SUP sessions.

The Green Wave – an African adventure – a film by David Georgeon

Filmed by David Georgeon & Pierre Bouras
Edited by Jay Jayle