After 21 years, Diony Guadagnino returned to Bequia Island, a place that he calls his real home. “My family moved to Bequia Island when I was 7 months old, straight from the concrete jungle of LA in the 80’s to a tiny West Indy Island lost in the Grenadines that was awaiting for us! I was the youngest out of us 3 brothers and was the lucky one to have discovered the paradise as I started life! I wouldn’t have asked for a better way to grow up! Gratefully having it all! Not a materialistic life! No Nintendo! But the ocean!”

Diony was one of the first new-school freestyle windsurfers and won several freestyle events, but focuses now more on slalom sailing, wave sailing and surfing. He got surprised by the wave conditions on Bequia island. “Awesome port tack with super fun size surf and good trade winds everyday! I realized we had it all with great wind and reef break right in front of Friendship Bay Hotel my parents used to own! Back then all I wanted to do was spearfish, grab lobsters and make coconut sailboats! Ouuu and once in a while grab on to my dads windsurf board, while he dragged me and Colette almost to Petit Nevis Island for a cruise!”

Windsurfing on Bequia Island