Diony Guadagnino (V-69), who has been living in El Yaque on Isla Margarita since he is 8 years old, knows almost all windsurfing spots in Venezuela. His favourite ones are Los Roques and Punta Carnero, which is located a few kilometers downwind from El Yaque. Punta Carnero offers onshore conditions and the conditions remind on Pozo Izquierdo. Los Roques is an archipelago of 350 islands and offers clean point breaks for down the line riding in lighter wind conditions.

We met Diony Guadagnino for the first time at the Lake Garda, where he won the King of the Lake event many years ago. He is someone, who really loves windsurfing. His beginning of his career was dedicated to freestyle, but nowadays he is more focused on wave sailing and sometimes he jumps on his Slalom equipment. Although Diony is quite tall and a relatively heavy rider, his windsurfing looks very smooth.

Edit by Joan Chapite


Diony Guadagnino rides the waves in Los Roques