Dieter Van der Eyken, who lives in El Mdano, Tenerife – collected his best wave sailing footage from the Canary Islands, filmed in 2021 and released a recap video. Dieter lands big Backloops, perfectly landed double Forwards or clean frontside Wave 360ties on both tacks. Well done Dieter!!! Keep the stoke for 2022!

2021 flew by with another great time here on the Canaries. The year started off with a trip to Fuerteventura & Gran Canaria to enjoy some more down the line wave sailing. After that Cabezo came back to life with especially in May & beginning of December some exceptional good session with no summer crowds! Most days I was able to sail on 4.0m or 4.4m making it a fairly windy year and now already looking forward towards next year. Enjoy the little recap of some of the past year sessions & on to a great 2022!Dieter Van der Eyken

2021 Canary Islands Wave Windsurfing Recap by Dieter Van der Eyken – Video

Edit: Dieter Van der Eyken

Filmed by Aroa Alvarez

Drone footage: Spot Shot Foto Service Fuerteventura / Roger Protzen