“It all comes together” is short clip by Bern Media featuring Dieter van der Eyken at Markemeer nearby the Dutch city of Hoorn. Only a windsurfer knows the feeling and satisfaction after a good windsurfing session, maybe after hours of waiting for the wind, or hours of sitting in the car or hours of driving. This is when “it all comes together”.

“This clip is not about the action but more about why I still love windsurfing now even more than when I started, after doing this sport for almost 16 years and being a pro windsurfer for the past 5 years! It’s more about why you do sit in the car for one hour, check every update on windguru and get frustrated so many times when conditions are not like predicted. All for those few sessions when everything comes together and you do score some of the best sailing you can imagine.” Dieter van der Eyken


Dieter van der Eyken in “It all comes together”