Mid December Dieter van der Eyken and Ben Proffitt saw a good forecast for Gnaraloo and traveled up north at Western Australia’s coast. Dieter released a short clip including a few nice drone shots from the desert and the clean left handers. He again shows how much he got into wave sailing during the 016 season. So far the season in WA has been a “dream season” for Dieter and we are sure the Belgian will ride a lot more clean waves during the upcoming weeks. Enjoy Dieter!!!

Dieter van der Eyken rides waves in Western Australia’s north in December 2016




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Ben Proffitt Australia

Ben Proffitt’s Diary December 2016

Ben Proffitt has been in Australia for one month and produced a new episode of his training diaries. He did a road trip to the north together with Jesper Orth and Ben Newson, went for a fishing session and scored some perfect waves at Exmouth, Dieter van der Eyken is working on his doubles…

Timo Mullen the Desert Rat in Western Australia

Timo Mullen – Desert Rat 2

Imagine, someone would tell you let’s travel to the other side of the globe to ride some world class waves! Would you go for it?? Timo Mullen went for it! He is extremely passionate about wave sailing and decided to travel from UK to Western Australia in October for only 11 days but it was worth it.