Define Perfection – Jason Polakow windsurfs Indonesia

Jason Polakow’s search for the ideal wave is never-ending. His quest for perfection has led him to return to the waves of Indonesia. Rote Island is the most southern island of Nusa Tengara island chain of Indonesia. Jason travelled there during the dry season in June. It’s the time of the year when Rote picks up big swell from the Indian Ocean sent up from the deep Antarctic towards West Australia and the upper latitudes. The waves arrive from thousands of kilometers and are extremely powerful when they break over the reefs. The wind has its strongest period from June till August. Rote offers a big variety of waves for all conditions. The most famous break is the world class left-hander known as T-Land, located next to Nemberala Beach.

Jason Polakow: “To consistently catch waves, I found that one of the best ways was to be out of my straps and wait right at the bottom of the breaking wave. I would get sucked up the face of the wave and as it broke I would then air drop down the wave and shuffle my feet into the straps. It sounds impossible but the wave itself was quite a soft wave, so doing this type of take-off was actually super fun. The only drawback to this was you had to be in exact perfect spot. If you were too far outside and the lip did not catch the board you would peel out the back or if you were to far inside you would get hit, resulting in a very long swim and even longer walk on the reef to get back out to the channel and into the line-up.” Full story by Jason Polakow on the Red Bull website: Jason Polakow windsurfs Indonesia

Define Perfection – Jason Polakow windsurfs Indonesia

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