Fred Bonet drove to Gruissan with the mission to produce a clip about the this year’s Defi. The beach of Gruissan is not too far away from his hometown Perpignan, around 80 kilometers. He has an injured leg and can’t windsurf at the moment. The wind forecast was excellent for all event days and it was worth to drive there. Fred filmed impressions from the 2014 Defi, a bit more shots of the girls this time. In the clip is a starting sequence, which gives an excellent impressions how fast the starting boat drives along the line, from the leeward side, the pin up towards the wind. Most of the riders hit the line in full speed. That’s quite impressive. Just imagine how it feels, if 780 to 1000 participants were starting at almost the same moment. It’s for sure not easy to hit the line on zero, keep the perfect speed and not collide with any other rider.


Defi Wind 2014 – a film by Fred Bonet