Federico Morisio released his vlog number 6. It’s about a dream day in Chile, when he windsurfed in Topocalma and Matanzas. He again spent several months in the winter there and enjoyed the brilliant wave conditions. Now the Italian wave windsurfer left to Maui.

Federico Morisio: In February Chile didn’t provide as many conditions as I hoped, but as always, once it was on, the windsurfing sessions were simply unbelievable!The day I had is what I call a “Dream Day”, with a morning solo-session in Topocalma and then an incredible sunset session in Matanzas from 7pm to 9pm with offshore winds and just a couple of friends!Super grateful for these days and moments. Thank you Chile for being so awesome! It’s time to leave though… and I’m sure that you guys will love my next destination…stay tuned!

Days We Dream About – Winter Training in Chile – The Federico Morisio Vlog #6