Davy Scheffers is working together with DSpromotions.nl on a video project called CHASING THE DREAM (CDT). Now the second episode is finished. 

Davy Scheffers: We missed a lot days of filming ´cause of other work and competitions in the after season, but at the end with canceling some of our trips we could shoot for the next episode. We hope to bring Chasing the Dream to another level and start showing also in windsurfing big video projects on high level quality. The titel of the video came out of some fun of the water. While crashing the same move each time I was telling: I need to have luck with the gusts blabla bullshit! We tried to make this episode much better as the first one and out of our opinion we did it, together with better action and editing we hope you will like it and also see the passion we share with you.

The next episode is planned to come out in January 2012 with action from Brazil!

Success comes in gust featuring Davy Scheffers – a video project called CHASING THE DREAM (CDT)