The DAMX 2016, held at Brouwersdam Sail and Surf Center, is the final tour stop of the EFPT (European Freestyle Pro Tour) and starts on October 12. Steven van Broeckhoven, Adrien Bosson, Dieter van der Eyken, Phil Soltysiak and Co will battle for the event victory and the overall tour title and for 10.000 € price money.
Additonal 3000 € price money are for the tow-in event and another 3000€  for the ladies, who will compete for the European title, too. The biggest names on the ladies entry list are Sarah-Quita Offringa, Maaike Huvermann and Arrianne Aukes. But the event isn’t only for the top pros. We will see a few young very talented riders, who will compete for the first time at Brouwersdam. At the moment are 8 ladies and 31 men pre-registered for the event. And there are a lot of side events for everybody. We will be there and are looking forward to a great event!

Rick Jendrusch: “DAMX 2016 is gonna be amazing, we have put even more effort in it than last year and the team was working all year to make it even a bigger success. We keep our key factors in the event like the EFPT freestyle windsurfing event with already more registered riders than last year and the tow-in show. We will do the Friday night event again, but this year we organize it for the Plastic Soup Foundation to raise money to clean the ocean. Also we are not only gonna do a SUP race but we will also organize a mountainbike and Segway tour to raise money. At the weekend we will have the spectacular DAMX Funrace for all the windsurfers. It’s a race for everyone and the fun is the key factor. Of course an amazing party on Saturday and on Sunday the big price giving with a tombola.

New for this year is that we will have some more stands for our guests and more activities to do! We also will have a nice food market at the weekend to enjoy the windsurfing and other sports.

Of course we hope there is wind but you can not order just a bunch of wind, but when there is wind it’s gonna be exciting as the freestyle level is so high at the moment. There is a bunch of locals competing and they are extra dangerous on their home spot. For example, Davy Scheffers, Steven van Broeckhoven, who actually leads the EFPT ranking and Dieter van der Eyken. For me it’s unfortunately over this year as I dislocated my shoulder in Sylt in my first heat. But I will be there and help organizing it as I’m in the organization all year. I will just keep doing and focusing on that and not on the EFPT competition this year. I’m sure the event is gonna be amazing and I hope we have enough wind to run some proper freestyle eliminations.”

Watch a few short event teasers to get an impression what you can expect at the upcoming 2017 DAMX event.