The Czech freestyle windsurfing scene is alive. A bunch of well known names met at a small lake for a special autumn session. Analogue Autumn is the name of their nice short film about this special day at their home spot. Thumbs up!! Very well done Matej & Vojta Trojan, good vibes!

“Sec dam is an almost forgotten spot, located approximately 100km to the east of Prague. With its narrow size and mountainous surroundings this place offers ideal wind conditions for Czech windsurfers.  
Autumn might be a symbol of nature in decay to some, but represents a revival of joy for the riders.
This October was abnormally warm and brought a lot of south-easterly winds, which work very well for this spot. We tried to capture the mood along with the abundant variety of colors which produce an analogue sensation. This delicate and sentimental feature was perfectly reflecting our state of mind at that time.” Matej Trojan

Analogue Autumn – an artistic short film about a special autumn freestyle windsurfing session at Sec dam, Czech Republic

Camera: Vojta Trojan | Matej Trojan
Edit: Matej Trojan