2012 is a year with a lot of equipment changes within the top slalom racers. We already reported about Peter Volwater and Finian Maynard, who joined the fresh established sailbrand Avanti Sails, Patrik Diethelm, left NorthSails and chose Loft and Micah Buzianis joined MauiSails and left NeilPryde after several years. There are a lot of changes going on.

And now Cyril Moussilmani (32), one of the top names in the Slalom discipline, announced his change from NorthSails to Severne at the beginning of 2012. That´s also a big change and the tall sailor (196 cm/93kg) from Marseille, South of France selected the same sailbrand as current PWA Slalom worldchampion Björn Dunkerbeck. Cyril was leading several PWA events in 2011, but in the end he could not win a single event. He is now even more eager to win. In the end he finished the PWA Slalom tour overall in 4th and he wants to be back on the podium in 2012. At the moment Cyril travels to Vietnam for testing and will continue his trip to New Caledonia afterwards. During his travelling he found some time to answer our questions. And we integrated some questions of Severne Sails Product Manager Simon Hurrey.


C7: You left NorthSails by the end of 2011. What was the main reason for that decision?

Cyril: The main reason is the performence in light wind. I struggled a lot in 2011 with the light wind gear and 80% or more of contests are in light wind.


Cyril Moussilmani selects SEVERNE (Pic: Severne).


Simon Hurrey for C7: How long did you have NorthSails a s a sponsor and was there another reason for your change?

Cyril: I was with North from 2006 – 2011. 6 years! I decided to stop because I need a team behind that can push me to the top. With Severne Sails International and Hitech, the French Distributor I will have all the tools I need to get to the higher steps of the podium.


C7: Did you miss any strong trainings partners at NorthSails?

Cyril: I don’t need a trainings partner. I have already my twin brothers Sylvain and Benoit. I can perfectly train with both of them.


C7: You had excellent results in 2010 and 2011 on the racecourse and  you were really close to win single events. You also could lead at several events. Did you look for another sail, which could deliver a bit of that you were missing in any moments?

Cyril: I had nicer and nicer result. but I struggled in light wind, where the gear makes the difference and not the pilot. To have more chance on my side I choose Severne, which are probably faster sails in those conditions.


Cyril tests the new sails back home in France.


C7: Why did you decide for the brand Severne in the end and did you have offers from different brands?

Cyril: I had multiple proposals, but I think for what I want, Severne is the best.


Simon Hurrey for C7: What sizes will you register for the 2012 PWA season?

Cyril: During this season I will use Severne REFLEX III in 9,6 / 8,6 / 7,8 / 7,0 / 6,2 and 5,6 . I guess the Starboard iSonic 127 will match with REFLEX III 9,6 and 8,6, iSonic 107 with REFLEX III 8,6 / 7,8. And the  iSonic 87 with the REFLEX III 7,0 / 6,2 / 5,6


Simon Hurrey for C7: What are the fundamental differences between your old sails and the REFLEX III?

Cyril: The big difference compared to my old sails is the less drag of the SEVERNE Sails and a really slippery, gliding feeling. One of the main keys is a perfect set up and working harmony between sail and mast. This is on what the Severne R&D is focused. If you have the wrong set up, nothing works.


Cyril gets 2nd at Fuerteventura - Pic: Continentseven/susi

C7: How fast can you get used to the new sails?

Cyril: From what I know it’s easier to get used to a sail than to a board. So it’s should work out quick. Especially Severne Sails are neutral, no extra life or extra push. So it’s pretty simple. I just have to tune up everything together to get the best possible combo.


C7: You are fighting for many years on tour for an event victory in Slalom! What makes it so difficult to win in the end?

Cyril: It’s a combination of many points. Gear, motivation and a bit of luck. The only year, when almost everything worked ok for me, was 2010. I got some gear problems in the middle of the year 2011 and with my move to Severne I hope, that  I will not have problems anymore with the gear. With Starboard I know the potential. So it should be a good combo indeed.


C7: More and more riders push for the top 10! Everybody is performing on a very high level. How do you think about that?

Cyril: Yes, it’s right. I think around 6-7 people could go for a victory and around 15-20 guy’s for top 10. It’s pretty good for the sport.


Cyril jibes on Severne in a successful season? (Pic: Severne)


C7: Is there anything you would like to change in the Slalom discipline, if you could?

Cyril: Yes, I would put some jumps into a slalom course. It will be more exciting!


C7: In 2011 you trained many weeks at Mui Ne, Vietnam to be prepared 100% for the first Slalom Worldcup. How will you prepare yourself in 2012?

Cyril: This year I will prepare differently. I have a schedule during the winter, which includes travelling to different places. I will not spend 1 month in Mui Ne before the event.
I am going to finalize my training back home in France.


C7: You are part of the French Sailing Federation Funboard Team now! Can you tell us a bit about the team and the ideas behind?

Cyril: Be part of the French Sailing Federation Funboard Team is new for me. I´ve never been in an official team so far. It will help myself and all my teammates, to prepare well for the competition. Together with Antoine and my brothers we will train starts and jibes and will have support by a professional coach. And we are going to try to work together to move foward.


C7: Does it make your living as a professional windsurfer a bit easier as you are a member of a team, which gets support by the federation?

Cyril: For now it doesn’t change anything in my life as a pro windsurfer, but maybe in the future it will. I have an idea, but I am not sure, if it’s realistic now with the politic point. I think it would be good to have a world championship, where  country teams compete against each others like in the Davis Cup in Tennis. Maybe the IFCA could organize it instead of doing a 2nd world championship like the PWA does already?


C7: What are your goals and wishes for 2012?

Cyril: My goal is to win a maximum of races to have the best possible result at the end of the season.


Simon Hurrey for C7: And your biggest rivals on tour for 2012 are?

Cyril: Let ‘s be clear : Björn. With Björn as SEVERNE Sails Team partner I think we are setting up the best Team ever on the PWA. With both of us, we will help the brand rise to the highest level of windsurf history. Björn is a fabulous rider with an exceptional World Cup collection, but it’s the first time I will fight against him on equal equipment with equal chances to win. Then, after this season, I will know, if I can be the champion in front of him! It will be a fantastic challenge and it will be a massively interesting season…!
My other direct rivals could be Antoine Albeau, of course, and very close behind Ben van der Steen, Finian Maynard and Micah Buzianis.


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