“Colombia – Windsurfing into the Unknown” is a film about the journey of the Colombian windsurfer Camilo Galeano toegther with the two windsurfing professionals Michi Rossmeier (Austria) and Phil Soltysiak (Candada) to discover windsurfing spots and new places. Windsurfing Into the Unknown got created by Michi Rossmeier and Phil Soltysiak to explore countries. With this movie Camilo Galeano wants to change the perception of the people about Colombia. He wants to get rid of prejudices about his country. No drugs, no violence, no crime….just water, wind, windsurfing and beautiful beaches.

Colombia – Windsurfing into the Unknown


Riders: Camilo Galeano, Michi Rossmeier and Phil Soltysiak
Directed and Produced by Camilo Galeano
Co – Producers: Michael Rossmeier, Sandra Schennach
Edition & Special Fx: Rodolfo Segrera
Musical Producer: Juan Carlos Sanchez