On the first day of the 2017 Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival Antoine Martin scored as the only rider 10 points for his wave. In the evening of day 1 we caught up with him for a quick interview.

“I had a pretty great heat today and I am happy about my points and that I made it to the next round. Winning feels always good.” (Antoine Martin)

Antoine Martin

Antoine Martin

Continentseven: How did you manage to get a 10 on your waveride, the highest possible points?

Antoine Martin: I was against Moritz Mauch, who is a pretty good surfer here in Pozo Izquierdo. I put my focus on everything, but more on my surfing. I knew that I can do something good in jumping, but in surfing, even with just one wave counting it can make a big difference. So I was really focused on my waveriding as I knew I had to give everything against Moritz like a big move or nothing. I went for a 360 and I felt good during the landing and I was planing and started to rotate for a Klei. So everything started with a 360 and ended with a Klei.

Continentseven: Some words on the conditions on day 1 at the Gran Canaria Wind & Waves Festival?

Antoine Martin: The conditions improved a lot, I think. It got better than what the forecast said. I think we are running a normal event now. I think tomorrow the conditions will be even better. At the moment I don’t want complain. It could be worse.

Kerstin & Antoine Martin

Kerstin & Antoine Martin

Continentseven: You had the second highest heat score of the day with 23.88 points. Philip Köster had the highest heat score with 24.12 points.

Antoine Martin: I am really glad, that we have got almost the same point. He didn’t do his best heat and me neither. So there is a lot of potential and I saw also Brawzinho, who received 10 points for a Double Forward. I feel that we will see a lot of exciting stuff tomorrow. I didn’t jump like I should because I was completely overpowered on my 4.0m. So, I have room to even improve my score.

Unfortunately we missed to film Antoine’s Klei, but Alfi Hart manged to capture it for Ben Proffitt’s daily recap.