For the 30th anniversary of the Cheese Roll, Cesare Cantagalli, founder of the I-99 board brand, announced a Cheese Roll Video contest. 30 years ago he was the one who rotated through the first Cheese Roll, now he wants to revive the move, which was pretty progressive in the 80s.

How does the video contest work
Just submit your Cheese Roll video until May 31, 2017 and maybe you will be crowned Master of the Cheese Roll 2017.

Sergio & Cesare Cantagalli, Kauli Seadi and Didier Lafitte will judge your videos and will choose a winner in two categories: the best classic Cheese Roll jump and the best innovative Cheese Roll rotation.
The winner of each category will win a 99 wave board from the 2017 KS model or Chameleon 5x line.

So, get ready and film your most innovative Cheese Roll, a Chebongka, a no handed version of a Cheese Roll or just a Classic version on your local lake. Good luck!!! And perhaps you should read the official contest rules first!

Cesare Cantagalli’s I-99 Cheese Roll Contest video