2021-01-16T00:31:38+01:00January 1st, 2021|

What will 2021 bring? We spoke with some of the windsurfing pros about the past year and their wishes for the new season.

Sponsor Changes 2020/2021

2021-01-20T12:40:41+01:00November 24th, 2020|

The first sponsor changes for the upcoming season are announced. Read more about Gollito Estredo, Yentel Caers, Nico Prien, Antoine Martin, Amado Vrieswijk, Nic Hibdige, Sebastian Koerdel, Federico Morisio, Dani Bruch, Philippe Mesmeur, Twan Verseput, Nicolas Warembourg, Andrea Baldini or Andy Chambers.

Coronavirus: The Impact On the PWA Tour

2020-04-25T14:09:37+02:00March 16th, 2020|

"Even if we were to lose all events for 2020, it will not be the end of the World Tour," PWA tour manager Rich Page told us. Read more.

boot Düsseldorf 2020 – INFOS

2020-01-18T22:54:06+01:00January 8th, 2020|

The boot Düsseldorf in Germany is the biggest boat- and water sports trade fair in the world. Read more and get your free ticket now!!

Sponsor Changes 2019/2020

2020-07-08T22:54:09+02:00December 9th, 2019|

The first big sponsor changes for the upcoming season are announced. Read more about Jacopo Testa, Alex Mussolini, Philip Köster, Marc Pare, Justyna Sniady, Omar Sanchez, Niclas Nebelung, Kauli Seadi, Boujmaa Guilloul, Ricardo Campello or Youp Schmit!

Red Bull Storm Chase 2019 – It’s ON

2019-03-09T22:17:32+01:00March 7th, 2019|

Leon Jamaer, Dany Bruch, Thomas Traversa, Adam Lewis, Robby Swift, Ricardo Campello, Jaeger Stone and Philip Köster are on their way to Ireland.

PWA Calendar 2019

2020-02-11T20:46:17+01:00January 26th, 2019|

The PWA has released their 2019 tour calendar with 14 events by the end of January. Unfortunately the Cold Hawaii wave event had to be cancelled.

Víctor Fernández PWA Youth World Cup Almerimar 2019

2019-01-15T13:04:35+01:00January 15th, 2019|

More than 40 participants from seven countries - Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy were attending the first tour stop of the PWA Youth World Cup of the season in Almerimar.

Sponsor Changes 2018/2019

2019-07-08T15:57:54+02:00December 26th, 2018|

A lot of sponsor deals for 2019 are sealed. Here are the latest news from Antoin Martin, Steven van Broeckhoven, Taty Frans, Yentel Caers or Josep Ponsl!

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