Air Bob one handed – Antony Ruenes

November 4th, 2013|

Air Bob one handed by the French freestyle windsurfer Antony Ruenes.

Air Kabikuchi – Hugo de Sousa

October 13th, 2013|

The Brazilian freestyle sailor Hugo de Sousa is going off at his home spot Camocim. Watch this amazing Air Kabikuchi.

Air Jibe – Maxime van Gent

October 1st, 2013|

The Air Jibe is probably the first air freestyle move, you can learn. This is an Air Jibe by Maxime van Gent, a freestyle sailor living on Bonaire.

Air Funnell – Kiri Thode

September 10th, 2013|

This is an Air Funnell we've filmed during the 2013 DamX Festival at Brouwersdam in Holland in 30knots+ conditions.

Air Funnell one handed (Tow-In) – Ricardo Campello

July 11th, 2013|

Air Funnell one handed (Tow-In) by Ricardo Campello.

Air Flaka 720° – Adrian Beholz

February 11th, 2013|

The German Adrian Beholz sent us this nice Air Flaka 720° filmed at Santa Maria (Sal).

Air Kabikuchi – Jacopo Testa

January 29th, 2013|

Amazing Air Kabikuchi by Jacopo Testa filmed at Sao Miguel do Gostoso.

Air Kabikuchi – Dieter van der Eyken

January 21st, 2013|

Wow! Watch this Air Kabikuchi from Dieter!

Air Kabikuchi – Kiri Thode

January 11th, 2013|

This is no surprise, that Kiri can stick this crazy new move, the Air Kabikuchi, already withouth chop. Impressive!

Air Funnell into Burner – Hugo de Sousa

January 1st, 2013|

Air Funnell into Burner by the 15 year old Brazilian Hugo de Sousa.

Air Kabikuchi – Jacopo Testa

December 17th, 2012|

That is amazing. Jacopo Testa (ITA-261) sent us this Air Kabikuchi from Brazil.

Air Funnell one handed – Gollito Estredo

November 15th, 2012|

Air Funnell one hand handed by Gollito Estredo.