The Wesh Family, Julien Taboulet and Caroline Barbeau and their two kids spent a great time on the island of Sal, Cape Verde. The two kids, Kaili (almost 2 years old) and Louise-Aina (3 and a half year) enjoyed the life on the beach and had fun with the local kids. Wesh Wesh scored great down the line conditions at Alibaba, Coral Joul and Ponta Preta. He met several big names from the windsurfing scene like Kevin Pritchard, Kai Katchdourian and Jules Denel at the spots. Julien not only windsurfed. He as well surfed on the shortboard and had great rides on the SUP. Caroline sailed in waves as well.

This video combines world class wave action action with funny family life. The Wesh Family continues to live the windsurfing life with two kids. Great to watch.Well done Wesh family!

Watch an almost 15 minutes long clip with great action and enjoy the West African spirit of Sal Island!


Julien Taboulet and his family in a video about a trip to Sal, Cape Verde, Africa