Today we received the following good news from Andre Paskowski. Read his e-mail.

“I think it is time to give a little overview about the current situation. In Mai I got diagnosed with cancer in 3 grade stadium just days before leaving to Dahab, which would have been most probably my last travel of my lifetime. I directly got in contact with some of the best doctors in Germany. They have done an incredible job. I did 3 months chemo, 1 operation on my stomach and now 2 operations on my lung. Today I received the results from the last lung operation which just happened 9 days ago and the results are negative.
That means from today on I am healed in clinical measures. Well I had to pay this success with my body. Lost bigger sections of my lung and feel like a 90 year old but from today on it will go better step by step – the first lung rehabilitation starts in less then 2 weeks. I will also join a program which controls my cancer status every 3 months for the next 5-10 years to minimize the risk of cancer again.

For now I am working on our new movie “Second Life” which is sure part of my great mentally situation as it gives lots of power working on something connected to windsurfing.
I plan to hit the water myself again in spring 2011 – slowly. I also plan a full comeback into the competition scene by late 2011 anything else would be forced and might influence the health situation negatively.

I need to say thanks to a couple of persons. My mum and dad for supporting me 24hr for the last 8 months. My sponsors especially Craig, Karin, Raoul, Renesto, Gianluca, Franco, Katja & Volker who always stayed behind me and of course a big thanks to all my friends and the full windsurfing community which caused a big chaos on my email database but helped me with thousands of great emails.

Thanks for ALL,


An interview with Andre at the PWA World Cup in Austria in spring - Pic: Continentseven

Andre - Pic: Continentseven