Camille Juban is an incredible dedicated windsurfer and surfer from the island of Guadeloupe. He injured his shoulder in Oman in 2014 and needed a surgery. Directly afterwards he started to work on his comeback plans and was able with the help of professional coaches and physiotherpists to recover quickly. The positive and happy character surprised everyone winning the first international wave contest, the AWT Goya Cabo Verde Pro 2015 during the end of February. He kept off big names like Kauli Seadi, Boujmaa Guilloul or Kevin Pritchard and showed that he is back again. The constant workout off the water and the surfing sessions at his home spots definitely paid off.


Last year in La Torche we asked Camille about his shoulder injury. We added the video interview below.


Watch how Camille Juban made it back in business


We spoke with Camille Juban about his injury

Camille Juban Interview

Camille Juban Interview