We have an old masterpiece for you. A french TV production produced a clip of the Trilogy tour in 1997, which saw a tour stop on Sal. Famous names like Keith Teboul, Jason Prior, Francisco Goya, Josh Stone, Scott McKercher, Kai Katchadourian or Sean Ordonez were riding perfect waves at Ponta Preta and Coraljoul. Sean Ordonez won the event and it looked like all competitors enjoyed their stay on Sal. And some of the big names, who competed in the Trilogy 18 years ago, will return to the island in 2015.


Watch fantastic action from the Trilogy event in 1997, sent by Romain Chevrot. 

The topic of this episode was dedicated to the 1997 Windsurf Trilogy. This first event was organised by Frédéric Gravoille at Ponta Preta (Cabo Verde). This video of 13 min with French commentary shows some very good sailors such as Josh Stone, Scott Carvill, Scott Mc Kercher, Sean Ordonez, Kaï Katchadourian, Martin Esposito, Francisco Goya, Keith  Teboul, Jason Prior, Léon Belanger, Simon Renaud, Pascal Hardy, David Bourroux, Stéphane Etienne… Hopefully you can still hear the English spoken sailors during the interviews behind the french commentary.” Romain Chevrot 

 Editors note: other events of the Windsurf Trilogy took place at Moulay Bouzerktoune and on Madagascar