BuJaKa – hot freestyle, “freezestyle” action from Lake Biel, Switzerland in icecold conditions


Balz Müller, his brothers and the Plüss brothers are hard boys from Switzerland. They don´t care, if it´s cold or dark. They also don´t care, if a move seems to be impossible. They just go for it and try new tricks in each sesssion. And if they crash in 5° celsius cold water, they still have fun!

A hard crash in the freezing cold water of Lake Biel. But it´s still fun!

Their front man is Balz Müller, who lands Burner variations, Kono combos or Bobs. This time they sailed at Lake Biel in the Canton of Bern, fully packed in winter wetsuits. But still they are flexible enough to land crazy tricks. Big respect and keep on going guys!! This video probably hits the taste of many of us as we are sailing in colder areas to make it on the water anyway. Watch the winter clip!


BuJaKa from Balz Müller on Vimeo.